My big outback adventure

One of the things I really wanted to do while in Australia, was head into the outback. But to go into the outback on your own seems rather foolish, especially for me since this was my first ‘big-far away-even off the trusted continent’-trip. Going into the outback on my own was never an option. ItContinue reading “My big outback adventure”

Three things people don’t tell you

When talking about backpacking, chances are you’ll be hearing stories about how amazing it was, how travelling gives you so much freedom, how awesome it is to meet new people etc. Sounds about right? Well, all of those things are true, but there are three things people don’t tell you about backpacking. 1. Arranging stuffContinue reading “Three things people don’t tell you”

The Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things someone wants to do before they die a.k.a. before they ‘kick the bucket’. Life can pass by so quickly and before we know it, we’re old and full of regrets. It’s so easy to get swallowed by the treadmill of life where you work, eat, sleep, pay bills andContinue reading “The Bucket List”

I’m going on an adventure!

‘I’m going on an adventure‘ is seriously the first thing that comes to mind when I know I’ll be travelling again. I love travelling and I love planning for my travels. I pretty much never go on an ‘organised three week holiday’, simply because travelling for me means venturing off into the unknown and discoveringContinue reading “I’m going on an adventure!”

A picture on the wall

Another shot of Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. I took this photo during my first trip to New Zealand in 2005. I took the Intercity bus to Christchurch via Mt. Cook village and the bus driver was kind enough to stop at this spot, so we could take a photo of thisContinue reading “A picture on the wall”


Vancouver, probably my favourite big city in a foreign country! I was here towards the end of April in 2012. The first couple of days were very sunny, so people urged me to get out and about. Since Vancouver is also known as ‘Raincouver’, I happily obliged and explored this amazing city! I took thisContinue reading “Vangroovy”

Top 10 things to see and do in New Zealand

Everybody that has ever visited New Zealand will probably agree with me that it’s an amazing country. The nature, the space, the people…it’s a special piece of stunning beauty. To those that have never visited the ‘land of the long white cloud’: you are missing out! 😉 I understand that it’s not possible for everyoneContinue reading “Top 10 things to see and do in New Zealand”

Spread your wings and fly

Another shot taken at beautiful Hopewell Lodge. I can’t get enough of this place and I know I’ll be back there some day! I was enjoying the scenery from the stone ‘jetty’/steps at Hopewell. This shag was sitting on one of the poles, getting ready to take flight. I guess I took a photo of theContinue reading “Spread your wings and fly”