One day at a time: similarities between travelling and the current lockdown situation

The seventh week of working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic has ended. We’re still in lockdown. The world has been turned upside down. Daily life has lost its effortlessness. I know there are people struggling right now. Understandable, as we’re in this situation for who knows how long. The lack of perspective isContinue reading “One day at a time: similarities between travelling and the current lockdown situation”

Love for the outdoors

In the Netherlands most of us don’t really grow up with the outdoors like for example Norwegians or Swedes do. We are not taught how to use a compass, hike for long stretches, we don’t learn basic survival skills etc. I’m generalising of course, because there are ways to spend time outdoors. For example, thereContinue reading “Love for the outdoors”

Hello, I must be going

It’s a very transcient thing, this travelling life. Quite nomadic, going from place to place, seeking all sorts of adventures. Sometimes you make wonderful connections. Be it with people or places. And at those times, it’s hard to realise that it can’t last, that you must get going again. Of course you take the memoryContinue reading “Hello, I must be going”

Unbridled wanderlust

Spring. It’s my season. Not only because I have my birthday in Spring (I’m a June kid), but also because I feel like I’m waking up from a state of hibernation. I feel like throwing my energy-saving-attitude out the window, because I feel brought back to life. Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic, haha. It’sContinue reading “Unbridled wanderlust”

Let’s be completely honest

Spring is in the air and I’m loving it! As the days grow longer and the weather gets milder, I basically want one thing: to go outside and explore! I’m looking into doing some day hikes on the weekend, preferably Saturdays so I can conk out on Sunday if needed. Too many weekends are spentContinue reading “Let’s be completely honest”

Turning point

I’m not sure which hostel it was at, but somewhere in New Zealand I noticed an ad for overseas occupational therapists as there was a shortage in the country. Occupational therapy was on the ‘short list’ of professions, so if you were qualified, it would be relatively easy to find work and residence in NewContinue reading “Turning point”

It’s always going to be like this, isn’t it?

As I write this post, it’s a dull and grey day in December, and we’ve had our first bit of snow. Life happens completely indoors. Ideally, I’d hibernate through to March, haha. I can’t be bothered doing anything other than sit on the couch snuggled up under a blanket while watching Netflix and enjoying a cupContinue reading “It’s always going to be like this, isn’t it?”

The answer is blowin’ in the wind

When I biked home from the train station yesterday, there was quite a bit of wind. Autumn has truly arrived now. Temperatures are dropping, days are rapidly getting shorter and paddling against the wind has become a little more challenging than on a cruisy summer’s day. I always struggle with my energy levels during theseContinue reading “The answer is blowin’ in the wind”