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Tag: beach

Little waves

Waves crashing to shore is probably one of the most relaxing sounds to me ❤

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day the weather was way too beautiful to stay in, so my mom and I headed out to the beach for a lovely walk. It was gorgeous out […]


Empty beaches, waves crashing to shore, a bit of wind in your face…bliss!

The answer is blowin’ in the wind

When I biked home from the train station yesterday, there was quite a bit of wind. Autumn has truly arrived now. Temperatures are dropping, days are rapidly getting shorter and […]

Amnes beach

Within walking distance from my hotel (Astra Village in Svoronata) was this gorgeous view and adjacent beach. I never actually went down to Amnes beach, but I thought it was […]

Stick figure

There’s something about taking a photo of wide open space with a big object in the foreground. I love how it adds depth, some sort of frame and balance to […]

On a Sunday afternoon

Here are some photos of a nice Sunday walk on the beach. I just love breathing in the salty air and feeling the wind on my face. The weather was […]