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Category: France

Lac d’Ilay

The biggest of the three lakes we visited: Lac d’Ilay. This is where we saw the most vacationers. Can’t say I blame them. Fancy a dip in the water? 🙂

Brick wall

My favourite feature of this photo is the brick wall, or what’s left of it. How old is it? What was the wall a part of? Did someone live here […]

Grand Maclu

What I love about this photo is all those layers: grass, shrubs and trees, water, trees, mountains, sky and clouds. The more I look at it, the more details I […]

Lake with a view

I’m not quite sure which of the lakes this is. Could be Grand Maclu, could be Lac d’Ilay (I think it’s the latter). Either way, such a pretty view!

Over the hills and far away

The Jura is just so inspiring! Around every corner is a different landscape to enjoy. This was on our way back to the car. We thought we were taking a […]


This is the forest in the Lac de Maclu area. I was quite captivated with this part of the forest. The moss coverage was dense, the brown and bright green colours […]

Don’t look back?

Not looking back surely holds truth for when you’re moving through life and you’re trying to not have regrets. When I’m hiking I actually prefer to look back, if only for […]