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Category: Portugal

Perfect irregularities

Here are some more photos from Castelo de São Jorge. I love all those gateways and huge walls. I especially love the old bricks and stones; when the lights hits […]


One thing that I’m insipred by is photographing flowers. Especially colourful ones like poppies. I love how the red stands out like this!

Fun with flags

For some reason I always try to get at least a few photos of the flag of the country I’m in when I travel. It took me a while to […]

Castelo de São Jorge

Now that the weather is getting colder in the Netherlands and Autumn has truly arrived, it doesn’t take much for me to reminisce and enjoy the memories of my spring […]


The composition of this photo caught my eye. The greyish brown rocky layers in front, the greyish water behind that, a sliver of dark greyish blue to represent mountains that […]