Christmas together

For many, Christmas isn’t necessarily the most cheery time of the year. And this year, Christmas looks heaps different from previous years altogether. For me personally, all the jingle bells, tinsel filled, overhyped and commercial approach to Christmas is kind of overrated. And for the people I love, I don’t need a designated special timeContinue reading “Christmas together”

Mark Knopfler – Live at Ziggo Dome

Sunday June 23rd I went to a Mark Knopfler concert in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Dire Straits was one of those bands that we always listened to at home. Same as Phil Collins, by the way. This is the music I grew up with and still love so much. This is music to me.Continue reading “Mark Knopfler – Live at Ziggo Dome”

Phil Collins – Still Not Dead Yet Live

Thursday June 20th, my mom and I travelled to Nijmegen for a Phil Collins concert. I’d been to a concert of his before in Manchester on November 29th 2017. It was amazing, I loved it so much and so did everyone around me. Since mom and I both love his music, I treated her 🙂Continue reading “Phil Collins – Still Not Dead Yet Live”

Let me take you on a journey through time

I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for a while, so why not go ahead with it? Yeah! So I love music. Love, love, love music. So, in this post I will list songs that remind me of a certain trip, holiday, travel, yep. I like different kinds of music, but these days IContinue reading “Let me take you on a journey through time”