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I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for a while, so why not go ahead with it? Yeah! So I love music. Love, love, love music. So, in this post I will list songs that remind me of a certain trip, holiday, travel, yep. I like different kinds of music, but these days I tend to gravitate towards rock, music from the 70s and also more recent songs. I couldn’t possibly write a complete list of bands and singers I love, there are just too many. Some of my all time favourites are Fleetwood Mac, Roxette, Dire Straits, Phil Collins, Ilse Delange and heaps, heaps more!

Australia 2002-2003

The following few songs remind me of my time in Donnybrook, Western Australia. I was staying at a working hostel called ‘Brooklodge‘. These songs played a lot on the radio. I believe mostly the radio station ‘Triple J’ was on. I had a great time in that small town. I befriended some guys and we went on roadtrips, went to the movies. A bunch of us at the hostel would hang out, play card games or poker. There was a guy who could play the guitar. He was from Liverpool. One of the songs he could play and sing well was Yellow. It was an awesome fun month!

Amiel: Lovesong

Dire Straits: Lady Writer

Coldplay: Yellow

The following few songs were on the radio a lot as well during my time in Australia. Some of these I first heard on the radio when I was working in a fruit packing shed in/near Donnybrook. Not really music I listen to these days, but they made for good memories.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: BareNaked

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Can I Go Now

Delta Goodrem: Born To Try

Delta Goodrem: Lost Without You

New Zealand and Australia 2005

The following couple of songs remind me of my second time Down Under. Especially the first song ‘Lifeline’ still means a whole lot to me.

Brooke Fraser: Lifeline

Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway

Lucie Silvas: Breathe In

Lucie Silvas: What You’re Made Of

Sweden 2008

In 2008, a friend and I went on an outdoorsy holiday to Venjan, Sweden together. The first song reminds me of our moose ‘safari’. I use quotation marks because it was basically a bunch of travellers cooped up in a bus, driving around in the rain, bumping along unsealed roads  and not seeing a single moose! 😛

Duffy: Mercy

Roxette: Church Of Your Heart

Sweden 2010

Since 2008, I’ve been back to beautiful Sweden a few times! It’s such a beautiful country and it’s also helped by the fact that my dear friend mentioned above now lives in Sweden *waves*. This next song is so catchy!

Ola Svensson: Overdrive

New Zealand 2012

Honestly, there’s only one song that really really stands out from my 2012 travel to New Zealand. The song is so catchy and awesome and uplifting and awesome! So much love for this song and the happy feeling I get when I listen to it and remember my amazing time in an amazing country!

The Babysitters Circus: Everything’s gonna be alright

That’s it for now. I’m curious, do certain songs remind you of a certain trip?

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