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Category: Australia

Travelling solo

Sometimes people tell me that they think it’s brave of me to travel by myself and that they could never do it themselves. My response to that is usually along […]

Hey you, with the wind swept hair!

Here’s my shot for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge ‘Outdoor ways to move up and down‘. Sky diving was one of my ‘Bucket List Items’ and I was so excited when […]

Aussie cowgirl

It’s cold and grey today, and I can’t help but reminisce about past travels and amazing adventures. In 2002, I travelled to Australia for the first time. I was a recent graduate, and […]

Granite Island

Off shore from Victor Harbor in South Australia lies Granite Island. From Victor Harbor you can take the horse tram or walk across the bridge on foot. It’s a nice half-day trip! […]

Swag life

During my first time in Australia, I really wanted to travel the West Coast. It’s far less touristy than the East Coast, I learnt. But that’s what I was after: avoiding […]

Kenneth, the koala

Ha, just kidding! This koala doesn’t have a name, but it could very well have been Kenneth. 😉 When you tour the Great Ocean Road, chances are you’re going to […]

Yarra Valley

Enjoying the view over a vineyard in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.