Glow of summer sunlight

Early to late July I had a wonderful holiday, where I travelled through Sweden and Åland. It was amazing! Soon I’ll be going on another holiday, this time to Iceland. And in between I’m working and trying to get back into regular posting on my blog. I know I’ve been slacking and will be slackingContinue reading “Glow of summer sunlight”

Well, that was interesting!

Just before last weekend, people working in public transport announced they’d go on strike on Monday in the morning rush hour for 66 minutes. They want their pension age to stay at 66 years and not increase. Think about this what you will -I’ll probably have to keep working ’till I drop, soooo-, but aContinue reading “Well, that was interesting!”

Climb like a goat

It will be fun, she said. It won’t be too hard, she said…Never believe a Norwegian when it comes to describing how difficult a hike is going to be! 🙂 Hiking is in their DNA, they grow up with the outdoors. Me…let’s just say that my mind wanted more than my body felt capable ofContinue reading “Climb like a goat”


Earlier today I arrived back home from a short but lovely trip to Kefalonia, Greece. I went there because one of my best friends got married on the island ❤ And because I was there, I thought I’d enjoy a bit more of the island as well! I took these photos last Thursday, when IContinue reading “Vardiani”