Glow of summer sunlight

Early to late July I had a wonderful holiday, where I travelled through Sweden and Åland. It was amazing! Soon I’ll be going on another holiday, this time to Iceland. And in between I’m working and trying to get back into regular posting on my blog. I know I’ve been slacking and will be slacking for a little while longer. It’s just been a bit chaotic and I’ve not managed to find the time and peace of mind to start sharing my adventures. I have so much to tell, that I just don’t know where to start!

I figured I’d start with a photo challenge so I can share one of my favourite photos from my time in Sweden. I was staying at my dear friend’s and her husband’s place. One evening we had a bit of a stroll around the neighbourhood to get ice cream and stretch our legs. I fell in love with the warm glow of summer sunlight over these trees. The funny thing is, is that my friend and her husband have probably gone by these trees hundreds of times, but for me it’s still special enough to photograph.

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