Unfinished business

Last month, I attempted to hike the Fjällräven Classic in Swedish Lapland again. My first try was in 2013, and leaving the trail then left me devastated and defeated. Too much was riding on the trek then and what was meant as a positive experience, a boost of life, ended up weighing me down. Since…

Lake Geneva

All good things come to an end, so the same goes for this wonderful holiday in France I had last year. My friend drove me to the airport in Geneva, as that was closer than Lyon, and I got to see Lake Geneva!. I had no idea I’d be so excited to see this lake,…


This image just doesn’t seem real. The grass is so green, it’s almost ridiculous! Perhaps the contrast was created by the bright sunlight and that big cloud hovering the little hill. Kind of like an old WIndows default desktop image or Teletubby country (uh oh). But I’d say this one is so much better!

Brick wall

My favourite feature of this photo is the brick wall, or what’s left of it. How old is it? What was the wall a part of? Did someone live here or was it meant to enclose something or other? And if someone did live here at some point in time, they surely picked a nice…

Grand Maclu

What I love about this photo is all those layers: grass, shrubs and trees, water, trees, mountains, sky and clouds. The more I look at it, the more details I discover. This place definitely inspired me!