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Category: Canada

Sunny Vancouver

“It’s sunny today. You’d better get out there and enjoy it while it lasts, because Vancouver is famous for its rainy days.” That’s what one of my roommates said to […]

Through the looking glass

Naturally I went up the look-out tower to get an amazing view over Vancouver. I love how close city and nature are here. I bet it must be great to […]

Life’s peachy

Sunny days in Vancouver surely exist! I was treated to some gorgeous days, on which I went out to enjoy the city and its surroundings. On my way to Stanley […]

Where will the train go?

Banff National Park in the springtime. Plenty of snow and ice still left on this gorgeous landscape filled with mountains, forest and rivers. We stopped by the side of the […]

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain

Canada, dear beautiful, gorgeous Canada. So much amazing nature in Alberta, it would take me ages to see it all. Banff N.P. is huge and so incredibly stunning. I don’t […]

Coca-cola landscape

Approaching Lake Louise, Alberta, the landscape turned into the most amazing snowy picture perfect scenery. It felt like we were driving into the set of a Coca-cola commercial or a […]

Two Jack Lake

Early May in Alberta and Two Jack Lake is slowly being revealed thanks to the melting ice. The air was crisp and despite the cloudy skies, I highly enjoyed this beautiful […]