Where will the train go?

Banff National Park in the springtime. Plenty of snow and ice still left on this gorgeous landscape filled with mountains, forest and rivers. We stopped by the side of the road for a quick photo break. The train tracks below got me wondering: where will the train go? What will it be like to journey throughContinue reading “Where will the train go?”

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain

Canada, dear beautiful, gorgeous Canada. So much amazing nature in Alberta, it would take me ages to see it all. Banff N.P. is huge and so incredibly stunning. I don’t remember the names of these mountains, if they have specific names. I just love the river, the trees and the backdrop of these huge, impressive,Continue reading “Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain”

Coca-cola landscape

Approaching Lake Louise, Alberta, the landscape turned into the most amazing snowy picture perfect scenery. It felt like we were driving into the set of a Coca-cola commercial or a Christmas postcard. Tall trees covered in the most amazing powdery snow. I had never seen anything like it. Beautiful!

On the road again

On the last day of my 2012 holiday in Canada, I did a tour through the beautiful and majestic Banff N.P. in Alberta. There were only three tourists on the tour, a Taiwanese couple (who had never seen snow before) and myself. The tour guide was a bit weird, but he did show us amazingContinue reading “On the road again”

Near Bow Falls, Banff

Although I’ve seen very little of Canada (so far), what I did see was beautiful! I definetly want to see heaps more! 🙂 Banff N.P. in Alberta is a beautiful area and I highly recommend a visit. When I went to Banff, the town, I did some light hiking along the Bow river. As I walkedContinue reading “Near Bow Falls, Banff”

Mountain goat

On the last day of my 2012 holiday to Canada, I went to Banff N.P. I booked a very small scale tour and the guide took a couple and myself on an extensive trip through this amazing area! On our way to Lake Minnewanka we saw a few mountain goats by the side of theContinue reading “Mountain goat”