Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain

Canada, dear beautiful, gorgeous Canada. So much amazing nature in Alberta, it would take me ages to see it all. Banff N.P. is huge and so incredibly stunning. I don’t remember the names of these mountains, if they have specific names. I just love the river, the trees and the backdrop of these huge, impressive,Continue reading “Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain”

Coca-cola landscape

Approaching Lake Louise, Alberta, the landscape turned into the most amazing snowy picture perfect scenery. It felt like we were driving into the set of a Coca-cola commercial or a Christmas postcard. Tall trees covered in the most amazing powdery snow. I had never seen anything like it. Beautiful!

On the road again

On the last day of my 2012 holiday in Canada, I did a tour through the beautiful and majestic Banff N.P. in Alberta. There were only three tourists on the tour, a Taiwanese couple (who had never seen snow before) and myself. The tour guide was a bit weird, but he did show us amazingContinue reading “On the road again”

Near Bow Falls, Banff

Although I’ve seen very little of Canada (so far), what I did see was beautiful! I definetly want to see heaps more! 🙂 Banff N.P. in Alberta is a beautiful area and I highly recommend a visit. When I went to Banff, the town, I did some light hiking along the Bow river. As I walkedContinue reading “Near Bow Falls, Banff”

A postcard from Alberta

When I was a teenager I received a postcard of Lake Louise from my Dutch-Canadian friend. She grew up in the area and was visiting family that summer. I loved the card of the turquoise lake, the mountains behind it and the huge hotel in front. Must be a nice view from those rooms! ForContinue reading “A postcard from Alberta”

Mountain goat

On the last day of my 2012 holiday to Canada, I went to Banff N.P. I booked a very small scale tour and the guide took a couple and myself on an extensive trip through this amazing area! On our way to Lake Minnewanka we saw a few mountain goats by the side of theContinue reading “Mountain goat”