A postcard from Alberta


When I was a teenager I received a postcard of Lake Louise from my Dutch-Canadian friend. She grew up in the area and was visiting family that summer. I loved the card of the turquoise lake, the mountains behind it and the huge hotel in front. Must be a nice view from those rooms! For some reason I really wanted to see the lake myself one day. You know, sort of like an item on a bucket list, it spoke to my imagination. Early May 2012, on the last day of my Canadian holiday, I visited Lake Louise! Saw the mountains for myself and even visited the hotel. Not as turquoise as on the postcard, but surely the lake was still very beautiful, all dressed in white. Sweet! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “A postcard from Alberta

  1. Wow San, what a beautiful sight and site indeed. 😉 And such a lovely collection of words to go with it and your experience. ❤

    I've been there myself and enjoyed everything this miraculous place has to offer at such a different time of year, in great company nonetheless. Though the canoes or paddling on the water weren't part of our great adventure… Rather the refreshing footbath for our tired and trodden down friends downunder having put in all that hard work walking up-and-up as far as the path all the way down reached.
    We promised ourselves to be back there for sure because much to our surprise we discovered some wondferful rockclimbing (sports variety) possibilities during our wanderings in the area, that we just *need* to get on ourselves. This still has to occur of course. 😀


    1. Thanks Flowbee! 🙂 Years and years after receiving that postcard, I finally saw the lake myself. So awesome! I wouldn’t mind seeing it in a warmer season some day! 😉

      I think there is so much more to explore in that area. Rockclimbing is a bit too crazy for me, but hiking, paddling on the water and a nice footbath all sound amazing to me! 😀


    1. Pretty awesome combination, eh? 😉 It was cold, but it wasn’t freezing. I’d rather describe it as fresh and a tad bit chilly! 🙂


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