Painting the sky


I have a weakness for evening skies where the setting sun colours the clouds in the sky. I can look at it for ages. Back home, my bedroom window faces west, so on a good day I can always see the setting sun until it disappeares behind the houses. The way the sunlight plays with clouds is just mesmerising to me. So beautiful, so peaceful, so creative. This photo was taken on hostelgrounds in Curio Bay on the South Island of New Zealand.

Do you get coloured skies like these? Can you see the sunset from your home?



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7 thoughts on “Painting the sky

      1. Absolutely! … and today we have been out enjoying the misty weather!! It was like walking in a cloud! … but the dampness still made it magical in the woods – the greens of moss, lichen and early leaves were irridescent and the light shone through the water droplets on twigs and branches like fairy lights. Beautiful 🙂


        1. I love the word irridescent…I think a perfect word to describe what must have been a beautiful sight! I remember hiking the Routeburn Track in New Zealand and being above the treeline…the clouds came rolling in. It may not have been irredescent, but surely magical. I’d never been to an alpine area before and the colours were so different. Amazing! 🙂


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