A picture on the wall

mt.cook2Another shot of Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. I took this photo during my first trip to New Zealand in 2005. I took the Intercity bus to Christchurch via Mt. Cook village and the bus driver was kind enough to stop at this spot, so we could take a photo of this amazing view! I love the hazy sky (it was very sunny, with clouds slowly coming in), the different layers and colours in this photo, and the perspective that it creates. In fact, I love this shot so much, that I have a bigger version on a wall in my living room! 🙂

What shines on your walls?

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5 thoughts on “A picture on the wall

  1. Wow! it certainly looks beautiful enough to hang on the wall 🙂 Our hills aren’t anywhere near as big as that but I love it too when there’s a hazy blueness hanging in layers across the valley. Mountains, trees and water … wonderful 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂 At least you have hills…I live in flat-country-land, hahaha! Okay, we have *some* hills, but also not anywhere near as big as these mountains! This photo was taken with my old reflex camera, which wasn’t digital. I think you can imagine my delight when this photo turned out this great when I had the film developed! 🙂 Yes, mountains, trees and water…what better combination is there than that? Maybe add some colourful clouds? 😉


      1. Oh wow – it was taken with an ‘old fashioned’ film camera too … that is good – you are definitely entitled to be delighted. Our eldest son is a photographer – he started out with a manual SLR some years ago. I think it definitely helped him to understand how cameras function – he now teaches this to others. Ah yes, clouds! we love clouds too. We see some amazing cloudscapes across our valley sometimes.


        1. Yes it was and thank you! 🙂 My old camera is a Sigma (body and lens) and it took quite nice pictures! Now that I have a digital one, I just don’t use the other one anymore. Digital is so much easier!
          You’re definetly right about that. I did a photography course once with a very old, manual camera. It took (takes) great pictures and was very easy to use. On my digital camera, I sometimes get lost in all the options. Maybe I’ll do a digital photography course to brush up my knowledge. 😉
          Clouds are amazing. I’m just mesmerized and I can stare at the pretty for ages. Oh, valley and cloudscapes sound like an amazing combination!


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