Hello, I must be going

It’s a very transcient thing, this travelling life. Quite nomadic, going from place to place, seeking all sorts of adventures. Sometimes you make wonderful connections. Be it with people or places. And at those times, it’s hard to realise that it can’t last, that you must get going again. Of course you take the memoryContinue reading “Hello, I must be going”

Hiking trails bucket list

Ten years ago I dipped my toes into the world of multiple day trekking for the first time. I was on holiday in Sweden and we hiked 36 km of the Vasaloppsleden in the province of Dalarna, only carrying our day packs. Over six years ago, I did my first multiple day trekking with backpack: theContinue reading “Hiking trails bucket list”

Travelling solo

Sometimes people tell me that they think it’s brave of me to travel by myself and that they could never do it themselves. My response to that is usually along the lines of everybody being different and wanting different things, and how that’s completely fine. Sometimes people seem to pity me for not having someoneContinue reading “Travelling solo”

Tourist vs. traveller

The whole ‘tourist vs. traveller’ thing isn’t exactly a new topic. Google taught me that many articles were written about the supposed differences or sameness of both terms. The definition of both terms isn’t that different either. I’m not going to read all those articles or regurgitate what others have written. But maybe I am still writingContinue reading “Tourist vs. traveller”

Don’t lose your shirt!

Queenstown, I’m not sure what to make of this town. On the one hand I can’t stand all the partying. I’m not a party person at all and I hate drunk people. So seeing many of those drunk party people in what’s actually quite a cosy town, is such a shame, in my opinion. PlentyContinue reading “Don’t lose your shirt!”

Golden Bay and Nelson

After Hopewell, I made my way to Golden Bay. The road from Nelson to Takaka is…quite interesting to say the least. I talked to someone who counted all the bends and he came to about 300! It’s a very windy road and I was very groggy! But I survived and lived to tell. I firstContinue reading “Golden Bay and Nelson”

Kapiti Coast and Wellington

The perks of having international friends is that you have the chance to get invited to their home turf. And so I did and so I enjoyed it very much! We were supposed to go to Kapiti Island, a bird sanctuary off coast, but the wind was too strong and the waters too rough, andContinue reading “Kapiti Coast and Wellington”

Going north

I only stayed in Auckland for one night. For me, there is no point hanging around in big cities when there is so much out there to see and enjoy! So I headed north, to Paihia. Four hours on the bus, travelling along winding roads. That sure is a huge difference with my flat, mountainlessContinue reading “Going north”