The adventure begins

After an early start, I made my way to the airport. My flight was at 10.30 am, which I think is quite a decent time to start a long flight. We had quite a bit of turbulence along the way, but other than that, it was a wonderfully uneventful flight. I had an 18-hour stopContinue reading “The adventure begins”

Letting the cat out of the bag

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag: I’m going back to New Zealand! 🙂 I couldn’t be happier knowing I’m going to travel through this amazing country again! It will be my third time in this beautiful land of the long white cloud. I think I had a pretty good deal withContinue reading “Letting the cat out of the bag”

Swag life

During my first time in Australia, I really wanted to travel the West Coast. It’s far less touristy than the East Coast, I learnt. But that’s what I was after: avoiding masses and exploring something different. I’d been halfway up the coast and spent time in Kalbarri, Coral Bay and Exmouth, before heading back down toContinue reading “Swag life”

Promise of a beautiful day

I took this photo at the beginning of the Routeburn Track. The haziness in the background, the sun trying to break through the clouds, it held the promise of a beautiful day. The first leg of the trek consisted almost exclusively of climbing, so I enjoyed the ‘flat bits’ while it lasted. 😉

Where an adventure began

I can honestly say that the Routeburn Track was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I wanted to do a trekking for ages and in January 2012, that dream finally became a reality. Before the ‘real thing’ started, I had to cross two swing bridges, of which this is one. Not aContinue reading “Where an adventure began”

Hostelling series: what makes a hostel

What makes a hostel a great hostel? What do backpackers like in a hostel? These are things I sometimes think about. What I like in a hostel has changed over the years. Not only have I gotten older but I’ve also gotten a better idea of what makes me feel comfortable in a place. In thisContinue reading “Hostelling series: what makes a hostel”

Hostelling series: experiences

Some people can’t stand the thought of sharing a room with some random stranger, other people love staying in hostels. When I travel, I mostly stay in hostels. It’s generally cheaper and it’s a great way to meet other people. I’ve had great experiences and not so great experiences (like everyone, I’m sure). Sometimes it’sContinue reading “Hostelling series: experiences”

Off the beaten campsite

One of the advantages of travelling around New Zealand with your own campervan is the freedom. In principle, you can camp almost anywhere in New Zealand. However, sady enough many travellers have shown an inability to clean up after themselves, and be respectful towards nature and people. This has resulted in residents not wanting the campervansContinue reading “Off the beaten campsite”