Sunny side up

After a long drive from Christchurch, we finally arrived in sunny Wanaka! It’s a small town that is gaining heaps of popularity as a quieter alternative to Queenstown. I hope it doesn’t gain too much popularity and thus risks turning into a second Queenstown. That would be a shame for this cute little town. WeContinue reading “Sunny side up”

Farm stay? Farm nay!

Since it was too far to drive from Hopewell to Christchurch in one go, we decided to have a little stop somewhere half way. Comparing a road map with the BBH-website, I had chosen the hostel ‘Hu Ha Farmstay’, because it was in a convenient location and it had good ratings. We thought it wouldContinue reading “Farm stay? Farm nay!”

Skiddaw Farm

During our stay at Hopewell we did this easy walk to Skiddaw Farm. Beautiful views along the way and a few cows to say hi to. These cows have a better view than I have from my city apartment, haha! But that’s the Marlborough Sounds at its finest.

A league of their own

Sweet Hopewell. It was such a wonderful reunion. It’s no secret that I love this place and I was excited to show my mom why. She got it, I didn’t even have to explain. Hopewell is in a league of its own. ❤ Mike and Lynley were wonderful as ever. One evening they held aContinue reading “A league of their own”

Resident kaka

During my week on Stewart Island I stayed at the wonderful BBH hostel Bunkers Backpackers. It was a really cosy place with friendly people and an awesome atmosphere. It’s quickly become one of my favourite hostels in New Zealand and I highly recommend it! Every once in a while one or two kaka birds would pay theContinue reading “Resident kaka”

Don’t stay too long, bro, there’s nothing to do there

People weren’t exactly exaggerating when they said I shouldn’t stay too long in Invercargill because there wouldn’t be anything to do there. The thing is, I had to stop there on my way back from Stewart Island. The initially planned two nights were already reduced to one, and that was fine. I picked the only BBHContinue reading “Don’t stay too long, bro, there’s nothing to do there”