Ingredients for a balanced self

What heals you, brings you back into balance, makes you feel whole and wholesome? This is what Arête over at the Aroused blog is asking us this week. It’s a profound question to which there is a myriad of answers. Not only between individuals, but also within one person, depending on the situation and theContinue reading “Ingredients for a balanced self”

Lewis Pass

After we had left the farm hostel very early that morning, we went on our way to Christchurch. We drove through Lewis Pass, a beautiful yet a bit barren landscape. There were hardly any cars out, which was nice. It was quite overcast that morning and some very interesting clouds had formed. This was aContinue reading “Lewis Pass”


The imagination is of such delicate a texture that even words wound it – William Hazlitt Here’s my take on the theme of textures. The first one is from Hopewell, the second and third are from Abel Tasman National Park. Two beautiful places!