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Tag: hostel

Remarkable view

A remarkable view on the Remarkables from the comforts of Butterfli Lodge, Queentown. Love it!

Fudge & burgers

Ah, good ‘ol Queenstown. I still don’t know what to make of this place. I enjoy it, I like it, there is heaps to do, but it’s also very party-ish […]

Sunny side up

After a long drive from Christchurch, we finally arrived in sunny Wanaka! It’s a small town that is gaining heaps of popularity as a quieter alternative to Queenstown. I hope […]

Hello, I must be going

It’s a very transcient thing, this travelling life. Quite nomadic, going from place to place, seeking all sorts of adventures. Sometimes you make wonderful connections. Be it with people or […]

Farm stay? Farm nay!

Since it was too far to drive from Hopewell to Christchurch in one go, we decided to have a little stop somewhere half way. Comparing a road map with the […]


Rolling hills, rolling tides, rolling clouds. The Marlborough Sounds never cease to amaze me! ❤