Fudge & burgers

Ah, good ‘ol Queenstown. I still don’t know what to make of this place. I enjoy it, I like it, there is heaps to do, but it’s also very party-ish and touristy. Still worth a visit, I’d say and that’s exactly what mom and I did after driving down from Wanaka.

There was a market near the waterfront, so we had a look. I also took mom to the Remarkable Sweet Shop, where they sell THE best fudge I’ve ever had. My absolute favourite is crème brûlée! Nom nom nom! When the queues weren’t that crazy, we also went for a Ferg Burger. I had the original one and my mom took the vegetarian option. Although Ferg Burger is completely hyped up, the food is good and hasn’t lost any of the quality. We explored town a bit more before heading back to relax at the hostel.

We stayed at Butterfli Lodge. When we stayed there, it was still a BBH hostel, but not anymore. The hostel is situated about a 20 minute walk out of town and has an amazing view over Lake Wakatipu. Morning, day or evening…the view is the major selling point of this accommodation! The room was lovely too, as were the rest of the facilities. I’d love to stay here again!


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6 thoughts on “Fudge & burgers

    1. Haha! I love sweet stuff too, so this shop is dangerous 😛 The Milford Track is supposed to be stunning. Awesome you got to do it!

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