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The view from Hopewell at dusk. Such a peaceful time of day ❤

A league of their own

Sweet Hopewell. It was such a wonderful reunion. It’s no secret that I love this place and I was excited to show my mom why. She got it, I didn’t […]

Little ripples

Watching the tide come in, creating all these little ripples. Gorgeous! What a beautiful holiday spot Hopewell is ❤

What dreams are made of

Dreaming off to this piece of paradise called Hopewell. Imagine waking up to this amazing view every day? Wow ❤


Close-up shots of some flax plants at beautiful Hopewell.


How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains – John Muir It was the end of a beautiful summer’s day in Queenstown. I was enjoying the view from the […]

Travelling as an introvert

One of the gifts of getting -cough- older is that I get to know myself better. Things I didn’t understand as a newbie traveller make a whole lot more sense […]