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Tag: Flowers

Little daisy

Just a cute little daisy along the hiking trail of the Vasaloppsleden.

Queenstown Gardens

On our second day in Queenstown we went to the Queenstown Gardens. Ironically enough, even after having been to Queenstown several times before, I’d never been to the gardens. And […]


Just a bright yellow sunny-looking flower!


There is something so brightening about this shot. I took this photo at the bright of day, creating quite a sharp, bright, cool toned lighting. I like it!


Beautiful purple flowers in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

A study of roses

The botanic gardens in Christchurch were a photographer’s dream and I was especially inspired by the rose garden. It smelled nice there too!

Hagley Park and Botanic Gardens

New Year’s Day 2018 was spent in the Christchurch botanic gardens. We decided to walk to the gardens from the hostel which took about half an hour. The weather had cooled […]