Tourist in my own country: a visit to the Keukenhof

Last April two of my international friends came to stay with me for a few days. It was wonderful having them stay and explore my own country like a tourist! They really wanted to go to the Keukenhof. It’s one of those very touristy places that I’ve only been to one time in my lifeContinue reading “Tourist in my own country: a visit to the Keukenhof”

Snapshots of Svoronata

My friend’s wedding  (the reason for visiting Kefalonia) was in Svoronata, so I booked a hotel close by for ease. And what a good choice I made! Astra Village has all the comforts you need. It was clean, staff was friendly, the food was good…all in all a well maintained and convenient place to stay. And whileContinue reading “Snapshots of Svoronata”