Spekemat, Aker Brygge and creepy(?) bears

My last day in Oslo started with a visit to the hostel’s rooftop terrace for a nice view over the city. It was going to be another beautiful, sunny (and hot!) day! I then walked around town a bit. I’d seen most of the things on the list my friend gave me, so I couldContinue reading “Spekemat, Aker Brygge and creepy(?) bears”

A study of wood and windows

Most of the building in the Norsk Folkemuseum were made of wood. I loved the intricate designs you could see on some of them. Most windows had the cutest hatches and I loved the reflection in the glass. I got inspired and ended up taking many photos of wood and windows.

A cultural day in Oslo

Day two in Oslo and I was ready for more exploring! My friend had recommended me to visit Norsk Folkemuseum, to learn about the cultural history of Norway. So of course I had to go there. Spoiler: I loved it! The weather wasn’t as hot as the day before and it even rained a little.Continue reading “A cultural day in Oslo”

First day in Oslo

In the summer of 2017, my Norwegian friend visited me in the Netherlands. We had a great time exploring, laughing and goofing around. I promised her to come and visit her in Norway, and this summer I did! Before flying up to visit her, I first spent a few days in Oslo. She lived inContinue reading “First day in Oslo”