Spekemat, Aker Brygge and creepy(?) bears

My last day in Oslo started with a visit to the hostel’s rooftop terrace for a nice view over the city. It was going to be another beautiful, sunny (and hot!) day! I then walked around town a bit. I’d seen most of the things on the list my friend gave me, so I could take it easy today. I first enjoyed lunch at Café Skansen. I chose Spekemat (salt-cured meat from pork or sheep), which I’d never had before. It was good! For dessert, I treated myself to cheesecake with a lemon verbena jelly. Yum! Just don’t ask me how much this lunch was, haha (yes, Norway is expensive).

After lunch, I walked by the city hall and the waterfront over to Aker Brygge, a former ship wharf and now a hip, high-end neighbourhood, with plenty of places to eat (and party for those inclined). I just walked around a bit, visited some shops, relaxed in the shade for a bit, and then walked back to the city centre.

Back in the city centre I saw these huge bears hanging in one of the streets. I’m not sure if I find them cute or creepy 😛

And finally, as a total bonus, I was once again treated to a beautiful sunset from my private hostel room!

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