Springtime in winter

Recently, I went on a walk and saw various crocuses blooming. Normally they don’t start blooming until early Spring. The mild weather is obviously confusing nature! The flowers reminded me of a walk to a local park a few years ago, when the crocuses bloomed as well (in season). I’d forgotten all about those photos! I recentlyContinue reading “Springtime in winter”

Life’s peachy

Sunny days in Vancouver surely exist! I was treated to some gorgeous days, on which I went out to enjoy the city and its surroundings. On my way to Stanley Park, these beautiful, peachy coloured flowers grabbed my attention. Life sure is great when you get to spend your day enjoying nature.

Sea of colour

During my most recent travel to New Zealand, I visited a friend on the Kapiti Coast. We had spent some time hanging out, but the next day she had to work. I decided to go out and about myself, as it was a beautiful day and well, this was a place I’d never been toContinue reading “Sea of colour”

Orange is the new green

When in Sydney, please visit the Botanical Gardens. They are a delight to walk through. Every time I visited Sydney, I made sure to enjoy a walk through these beautiful gardens. And after you’ve seen everything, you can keep on walking towards Bennelong Point, where the Sydney Opera House is. I have no idea whatContinue reading “Orange is the new green”