Turning point

I’m not sure which hostel it was at, but somewhere in New Zealand I noticed an ad for overseas occupational therapists as there was a shortage in the country. Occupational therapy was on the ‘short list’ of professions, so if you were qualified, it would be relatively easy to find work and residence in NewContinue reading “Turning point”

Travelling solo

Sometimes people tell me that they think it’s brave of me to travel by myself and that they could never do it themselves. My response to that is usually along the lines of everybody being different and wanting different things, and how that’s completely fine. Sometimes people seem to pity me for not having someoneContinue reading “Travelling solo”

Hey you, with the wind swept hair!

Here’s my shot for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge ‘Outdoor ways to move up and down‘. Sky diving was one of my ‘Bucket List Items’ and I was so excited when I finally got to do it! This was 2003 when I had my working holiday (mostly holiday, lol) in Australia and I did a tandemContinue reading “Hey you, with the wind swept hair!”

Aussie cowgirl

It’s cold and grey today, and I can’t help but reminisce about past travels and amazing adventures. In 2002, I travelled to Australia for the first time. I was a recent graduate, and I just needed to get away from regular life and escape to a world of exploration. I didn’t have anything planned, not even my first nightContinue reading “Aussie cowgirl”

Swag life

During my first time in Australia, I really wanted to travel the West Coast. It’s far less touristy than the East Coast, I learnt. But that’s what I was after: avoiding masses and exploring something different. I’d been halfway up the coast and spent time in Kalbarri, Coral Bay and Exmouth, before heading back down toContinue reading “Swag life”

Kenneth, the koala

Ha, just kidding! This koala doesn’t have a name, but it could very well have been Kenneth. 😉 When you tour the Great Ocean Road, chances are you’re going to stop at Kenneth River. It’s a road with heaps of trees on both sides and in those trees you can see many koalas in theirContinue reading “Kenneth, the koala”