Vitamins F and N

Today, my friend and I decided to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather by hiking through forest and heather fields not yet in its blooming season. It was sunny and wonderful to be out without our coats for the first time this year. On our hike, we came across a cute place where we enjoyed aContinue reading “Vitamins F and N”

Well, that was interesting!

Just before last weekend, people working in public transport announced they’d go on strike on Monday in the morning rush hour for 66 minutes. They want their pension age to stay at 66 years and not increase. Think about this what you will -I’ll probably have to keep working ’till I drop, soooo-, but aContinue reading “Well, that was interesting!”

Turning point

I’m not sure which hostel it was at, but somewhere in New Zealand I noticed an ad for overseas occupational therapists as there was a shortage in the country. Occupational therapy was on the ‘short list’ of professions, so if you were qualified, it would be relatively easy to find work and residence in NewContinue reading “Turning point”

We are a landscape of all we have seen

My comfort zone is landscape photography! Or basically any kind of nature photography. I think my blog kind of (totally) gives it away, haha!