Mt. Aspiring N.P.

Nature is one of my favourite things ever. And the older I get, the more I need it. A prime example of stunning nature is Mt. Aspiring N.P., New Zealand. I haven’t even scratched the surface of exploring this area and I’m already simply blown away! ❤

Vitamins F and N

Today, my friend and I decided to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather by hiking through forest and heather fields not yet in its blooming season. It was sunny and wonderful to be out without our coats for the first time this year. On our hike, we came across a cute place where we enjoyed aContinue reading “Vitamins F and N”

Forum Romanum

There’s nothing more amazing than learning about a place and then seeing it with your own eyes. Ever since I studied Greek and Latin in high school, I’d become fascinated with the classical world. In our fifth year (I was 16) we went on a so called ‘work week’ to Rome and it was anContinue reading “Forum Romanum”