The Temple of Saturn was an ancient Roman temple dedicated to the god Saturn. Its ruins stand at the foot of the Capitoline Hill at the western end of the Roman Forum. The original dedication of the temple is traditionally dated to 497 BC (source). Saturn is a god in ancient Roman religion, and aContinue reading “Saturnus”

Forum Romanum

There’s nothing more amazing than learning about a place and then seeing it with your own eyes. Ever since I studied Greek and Latin in high school, I’d become fascinated with the classical world. In our fifth year (I was 16) we went on a so called ‘work week’ to Rome and it was anContinue reading “Forum Romanum”

I dig it

Here’s a photo from when I was an intern at an archaeological excavation in the north of Oss, in the area called Horzak. You can see the big refuse piles to the right and a track through the grass on the left. I love the contrast between the green and the orangy-brown sandy soil. TheContinue reading “I dig it”


A hunebed or passage grave is a megalithic tomb from the Neolithic (New Stone Age). Hunebedden were erected by people from the Funnel Beaker Culture (Dutch: Trechterbekercultuur), a Neolithic culture in Northern Europe from about 4350 to 2800/2700 BC. The hunebedden are over 5000 years old…how amazing is that? Since there are no mountains inContinue reading “Hunebedden”

The Wairoa Buried Village

“Te Wairoa (also known as The Buried Village) is a deserted village located close to the shore of Lake Tarawera in New Zealand’s North Island. It was a Māori and European settlement founded in 1848 by the Reverend Seymour Mills Spencer where visitors would stay on their way to visit the Pink and White Terraces.Continue reading “The Wairoa Buried Village”

May it guide you on your journey

On my latest travels to New Zealand last December/January, mom and I went to Te Wairoa Buried Village, near Rotorua. In 1886 Mount Tarawera erupted, destroying the Pink and White Terraces and burying the village of Te Wairoa. Today, it’s the most visited archaeological site in New Zealand. I’ve always been fascinated by the storyContinue reading “May it guide you on your journey”