On a chilly, windy day

Early April, a friend and I went to the Oostvaardersplassen, here in the Netherlands. It’s a nature reserve that I’d never been to before (they have a herd of Konik horses!). It was a chilly and windy day and I was so glad I brought my cosy down jacket and a rain jacket on topContinue reading “On a chilly, windy day”

Falling awake

While I know the lockdown is necessary to try and control the situation, it’s also tough to stick out. I’m doing my part, but realised it was time to escape the city for a bit. I’m spending some time with my mom and cats. Last Friday, we went to the beach. I hadn’t been toContinue reading “Falling awake”

Phil Collins – Still Not Dead Yet Live

Thursday June 20th, my mom and I travelled to Nijmegen for a Phil Collins concert. I’d been to a concert of his before in Manchester on November 29th 2017. It was amazing, I loved it so much and so did everyone around me. Since mom and I both love his music, I treated her 🙂Continue reading “Phil Collins – Still Not Dead Yet Live”