Phil Collins – Still Not Dead Yet Live

Thursday June 20th, my mom and I travelled to Nijmegen for a Phil Collins concert. I’d been to a concert of his before in Manchester on November 29th 2017. It was amazing, I loved it so much and so did everyone around me. Since mom and I both love his music, I treated her 🙂

First we dropped off our stuff at our hotel, had a bit of a rest and then made our way to the Goffertpark, where the concert would be taking place. Our hotel was close to the central station from which buses to the park departed. Excellent organisation, it was so easy.

Once at the park, we explored the place a bit, got some food and drinks and got ready for the first of two opening acts: Douwe Bob. He’s a Dutch singer songwriter. He did his best and his performance was ok. A big melancholic for my mood that day, but it’s his style, so nothing wrong with that. 😉

The second act was Sheryl Crow. Now, I have to admit I’ve never really liked her that much. But…her performance changed my mind a full 180. What a great singer and a great performer she is! And the best part was that she was clearly having fun! I love down to earth people like that, so this was a winner in my book! Sometimes, it’s nice to be proven wrong, isn’t it?

And then it was time for Phil himself. Since I’d seen him before, I already knew that he walks with a cane and performs sitting down. Not a problem, he’s still got it! He did a fair attempt at speaking some Dutch to explain: “ik ben aan mijn rug geopereerd en mijn voet is naar de klote.” Which means: “I’ve had surgery on my back and my foot is fucked.” Hahaha, love the wit!

The concert was amazing!! Mom and I had a great time!! Basically, it was a huge celebration of songs we all know and love. I skimmed through some -sour- reviews the next day of people who clearly attended a different concert! Commenters on those reviews confirmed my point of view, haha. Thats why I don’t give a shit about concert reviews. Sure, he’s not 30 anymore and singing takes a bit more effort. But are you the same that you were 30-40 years before? Let’s enjoy it for what it is: an amazing concert by someone who still clearly really loves performing, singing, playing music and having a great time. Someone who’s performed with the same musicians and singers for decades. Someone who’s still got that magic, that musical talent and that characteristic, amazing voice. What is better than that? We enjoyed ourselves so much!


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    1. That’s awesome you got to see him! Yeah, I know he sits down but it doesn’t stop him from having a great time and building a party! 🙂

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