What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?

Soon, I’ll be heading to Sweden to hike the Vasaloppsleden. So that means I need to crack on with my preparations!

I’ve pretty much got all my clothes and gear, except for a gas canister which I’ll be purchasing in Sweden. As for food, I gave it a lot of thought. Because on previous hikes, I’ve noticed that I’m not really that hungry and I’m not enjoying sweet stuff all that much. Normally, I love chocolate, but for some reason when I’m out and about, I don’t really crave it (especially not the molten variety!). I’ll be doing some groceries in Mora before I start, so I don’t have to drag everything on the plane and train with me.

All in all, I’m packing food for six days and this is what I plan on bringing on the trail.


I’m thinking crackers and cheese, maybe a tortilla with cheese. Something like that. Those freeze dried meals with muesli and milk gross me out (I hate soggy muesli), so I’d rather go for something else. I like hearty stuff in the morning and as a true Dutch person, I love me some cheese! Maybe I’ll go for an energy bar or a smoothie. Something not too crazy to start the day. Accompanying my breakfast will be a nice hot cup of tea, the perfect way to start the day!


For lunch, I’m also thinking crackers and cheese or tortillas with something. Maybe not that hugely exciting, but I know it’s neutral enough to not upset my stomach too much. I can always try and bring some Nutella or jam to use. Nothing too complicated.


I’ll definitely be bringing some almonds! I always have some in my bag in case I get hungry on the train home from work. It’s a healthy snack, that also fills up quite nicely. I’m also planning on bringing some beef jerky and maybe a few sweets. As for other snacks, I’m still contemplating what to bring. I know I don’t really like salami type sausages on the trail. I also don’t want to overpack and end up not eating it after all.


Dinner was the easy part: I’m bringing freeze dried meals. I bought a few pasta meals (I know the Real Turmat pasta bolognese is pretty good!) and some rice meals. I’m not bringing any potato meals, because potatoes can lie heavily on my stomach and because rehydrated potatoes tend to be so bland in flavour.

I’m also bringing some desserts. Alternatively, I can use some of them for breakfast, like the vanilla dessert. It’s just a matter of what I feel like and if these are any good, haha! I’ve never tried any of these desserts, so I’m curious!

What foods do you like taking on a hike or a trekking? What are your ‘must pack’ food items? Any tips, tricks or ‘trekking food wisdoms’ you’re keen on sharing?

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6 thoughts on “What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?

    1. Sounds good! I’ve tried the dried apricots but I don’t do so well on them. I’ll just stick to almonds because I know I love and do well on those 😉


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