Food on the trail: what worked and what didn’t work?

Food is an important part of any trail. You burn heaps of calories on the road and your body needs sustenance to keep going. I found it a challenge to figure out what kind of foods would suit me to take on the Vasaloppsleden. For example, I’ve figured out through previous hikes that I don’tContinue reading “Food on the trail: what worked and what didn’t work?”

Cardrona & Arrowtown

Let’s continue sharing the travels around New Zealand that my mom and I enjoyed! The next destination after Wanaka was Queenstown. It’s just a short drive between these two places so we decided to take the scenic Cardrona Road and make a stop in Arrowtown. Here are some photos from the stretch between Wanaka and Queenstown.Continue reading “Cardrona & Arrowtown”

What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?

Soon, I’ll be heading to Sweden to hike the Vasaloppsleden. So that means I need to crack on with my preparations! I’ve pretty much got all my clothes and gear, except for a gas canister which I’ll be purchasing in Sweden. As for food, I gave it a lot of thought. Because on previous hikes,Continue reading “What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?”

Cake…my idea!

Even though I’ve been eating healthier for over a year now, I can’t deny my sweet tooth! So I allow myself some good stuff every once in a while, like I’m sure many people do 😉 I love chocolate, cake, good food. Yum! The difference with before I started my health journey, is that ifContinue reading “Cake…my idea!”

Three foods Dutch people hunt for when travelling abroad

The idea for this post was sparked by my time on Stewart Island, New Zealand, last year. There were a lot of Dutch people staying at the wonderful hostel of Bunkers Backpackers (highly recommended, one of my favourite places). One time, we were all gathered in the common room/kitchen and somehow people started comparing theContinue reading “Three foods Dutch people hunt for when travelling abroad”

A traveller’s indulgences

I’ll just throw it out here: I love food. 🙂 When I try things abroad, I tend to get some kind of memory attached to eating or drinking those things. Like L&P, lemon pepper or Tim Tams. Since I work hard for the money that I earn, I decided to treat myself a little here andContinue reading “A traveller’s indulgences”

Hokey Pokey

When I first travelled to New Zealand, I didn’t try the hokey pokey icecream. I don’t know what I thought it was, but I wasn’t having it. Since then, I’ve gotten this thing for trying out local stuff. You know, it’s a way to really get to know a country. I was already familiar with,Continue reading “Hokey Pokey”

Here’s to happy taste buds!

A good way to explore a country is by trying its food and drink. After all, if there is one thing we all need, it’s something to feed ourselves with. I don’t think New Zealand has a specific ‘haute cuisine’ like they have in France, for example, but the country has amazing foods and drinks.Continue reading “Here’s to happy taste buds!”