Food on the trail: what worked and what didn’t work?

Food is an important part of any trail. You burn heaps of calories on the road and your body needs sustenance to keep going. I found it a challenge to figure out what kind of foods would suit me to take on the Vasaloppsleden. For example, I’ve figured out through previous hikes that I don’t like really sweet stuff when I’m hiking. I also don’t like a lot of chocolate or salami. I also took too much. Basically, I need food that fills up, has flavour but doesn’t upset my stomach. Good to know right?

This trail, I decided to put this ‘theory’ to the test and the results were better than I expected. So here’s an overview of the foods that worked and the foods that didn’t work for me on the trail.

For breakfast I mostly had bread and cheese (or biscuits), and a cup of tea. I always have tea in the morning, which I think is a nice moment to start the day. The bread and cheese were okay, but not amazing. I love my Dutch cheese, so it was an adjustment to the Swedish cheese, which in my opinion feels more like plastic than actual cheese. I bought those round flat breads that I thought were easy to take with me, which was true. What I didn’t like was how sweet the bread was. It was a bit weird in combination with the cheese. While bread and cheese is still a good breakfast option, next time I’d look for better bread and better cheese.

Googled image

What I had for lunch differed from day to day. Sometimes I had bread and cheese, other times I had biscuits, one time I had pasta for lunch. I also had some desserts for lunch; the chocolate mousse was good, the vanilla dessert was gross!

Big winner were the Trek ‘n Eat biscuits! They were so good and filled up nicely, while being good on my stomach too. I would definitely take them again. In fact, I took another packet with me to Iceland! I also enjoyed my almonds and Fruittella. The fruit Mentos was a pass for me (they made me nauseous), as well as the two protein bars I brought (like eating sandy card board, yuck). The other energy bars with nuts and seeds, however, were very tasty and I bought them again for my Icelandic adventure.

All dinners were great freeze dried meals! I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up having one meal left, which I’m saving for a future trekking. My favourite was the pasta Bolognese by Real Turmat, but I wasn’t really surprised about that, because I knew it was a good hiker meal. I had one dessert as an actual dessert -the custard apple crunch- and it was so good! Would definitely get that one again!

What food works for you when you’re out hiking? And what food doesn’t work?

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4 thoughts on “Food on the trail: what worked and what didn’t work?

    1. I know, right? Normally, I love chocolate and sweet stuff, but when I’m outdoors I prefer harty, savoury foods. I’m weird, haha! And I think I’m spoiled by the amazing Dutch bread we have. Hard to find good bread abroad.

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