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Tag: Hiking

Mookerheide hike – day 1

I’m sure heaps of people will have had to adjust their plans last summer. I know many still went on holiday, be it abroad or not. I too had different […]

Summer falls as Autumn hauls

Autumn has arrived. Sunny days have made way for general gloominess. I don’t mind the wind or cooler temperatures. What I always have trouble adjusting to, is the grey skies […]


On my second day on Åland, my friend and I went north, to Geta. There we hiked through the beautiful area. Very versatile, rocky at places, smooth hiking in others, […]


In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you – Deepak Chopra

Through the looking greens

Layers upon layers of green, blanketed by a rippling cloud cover, and with mountains peeking through in the far distance. This is so great for restoring the soul.