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Tag: fpj-photo-challenge

Love for the outdoors

In the Netherlands most of us don’t really grow up with the outdoors like for example Norwegians or Swedes do. We are not taught how to use a compass, hike […]

Hello, I must be going

It’s a very transcient thing, this travelling life. Quite nomadic, going from place to place, seeking all sorts of adventures. Sometimes you make wonderful connections. Be it with people or […]

Cake…my idea!

Even though I’ve been eating healthier for over a year now, I can’t deny my sweet tooth! So I allow myself some good stuff every once in a while, like […]


Rolling hills, rolling tides, rolling clouds. The Marlborough Sounds never cease to amaze me! ❤

Split Apple Rock

Who knows what issues Newton had with apples that one ended up as a split rock in Abel Tasman N.P. Just saying… 😛