On a chilly, windy day

Early April, a friend and I went to the Oostvaardersplassen, here in the Netherlands. It’s a nature reserve that I’d never been to before (they have a herd of Konik horses!). It was a chilly and windy day and I was so glad I brought my cosy down jacket and a rain jacket on top of it. And gloves! I’m so glad I didn’t forget to bring my gloves! The main advantage of walking around in these chillier conditions, was that there weren’t a lot of people around, so we had no problems keeping a 1,5 m distance at all times. It was a beautiful area that I’d love to explore some more. Perhaps next time, in slightly sunnier conditions, just for kicks 😉

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2 thoughts on “On a chilly, windy day

    1. Better keep warm, then! Quite ironic that I posted a chilly photo on the day it’s super sunny and warm here! 27,5C inside my apartment, a bit sweaty, haha. Time to bust out the fan!

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