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Te Wairoa Buried Village was beautiful! But so was the view from a walk a little higher up, passing Wairere falls. Sometimes, I find it hard to fathom such a […]

The Wairoa Buried Village

“Te Wairoa (also known as The Buried Village) is a deserted village located close to the shore of Lake Tarawera in New Zealand’s North Island. It was a Māori and […]

What once was…

A perfectly tranquil path through the green, of what once was a bustling centre of tourism, until the Mount Tarawera eruption in 1886 destroyed the Pink and White Terraces.

May it guide you on your journey

On my latest travels to New Zealand last December/January, mom and I went to Te Wairoa Buried Village, near Rotorua. In 1886 Mount Tarawera erupted, destroying the Pink and White […]