Climb like a goat

It will be fun, she said. It won’t be too hard, she said…Never believe a Norwegian when it comes to describing how difficult a hike is going to be! 🙂 Hiking is in their DNA, they grow up with the outdoors. Me…let’s just say that my mind wanted more than my body felt capable ofContinue reading “Climb like a goat”


Earlier today I arrived back home from a short but lovely trip to Kefalonia, Greece. I went there because one of my best friends got married on the island ❤ And because I was there, I thought I’d enjoy a bit more of the island as well! I took these photos last Thursday, when IContinue reading “Vardiani”

May the forest be with you

These photos are from when I hiked the Bosbesjestocht (blueberries hike) for the third time last year. It’s a beautiful route starting in Groesbeek, near Nijmegen. The route leads across the border into Germany and passes through the beautiful Reichswald. It’s a lovely hike through forest and along small back roads.

Are you gonna go my way?

The sky looked a bit moody, but the weather was mild and sunny. I decided to explore the small town of Hahei a little more. I walked along this road and then hiked up to a lookout point. The view was worth it, but so was the way to it. Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge