Te Wairoa Buried Village was beautiful! But so was the view from a walk a little higher up, passing Wairere falls. Sometimes, I find it hard to fathom such a beautiful country exists. But it does, and it’s called Aotearoa. ❤

The Wairoa Buried Village

“Te Wairoa (also known as The Buried Village) is a deserted village located close to the shore of Lake Tarawera in New Zealand’s North Island. It was a Māori and European settlement founded in 1848 by the Reverend Seymour Mills Spencer where visitors would stay on their way to visit the Pink and White Terraces.Continue reading “The Wairoa Buried Village”

Rate or nah – Part 1 of 2

As you may know, last December/January I travelled through New Zealand with my mom. We had an amazing time and I still have heaps of travels stories and photos to share. For this blog post, I thought it’d be a cool idea to review all the hostels that we stayed at during this trip (dueContinue reading “Rate or nah – Part 1 of 2”

Tamaki Maori Village

Tamaki Maori Village is the best Maori cultural encounter I’ve experienced. The reason I loved it so much is because it felt like we were invited to a family gathering. We went to the village in various buses. We were on the bus called Huia (a native bird now extinct). We learnt how two brothersContinue reading “Tamaki Maori Village”

Funky (smelling) town

After our Hobbiton adventure, mom and I made our way to Rotorua. Yes, that stinky town 😛 Apart from the sulphur smells, which are not always that bad unless the wind wafts a certain way, there is actually plenty to do. Personally, I’d recommend investing some time in learning more about Maori culture. You canContinue reading “Funky (smelling) town”

Murals and street art

New Zealand street art/murals often depict native wildlife other kiwiana. As a creative person myself (though nowhere near as talented as these artists, haha) this kind of art makes me smile! And the first photo? So fitting, as I can’t seem to stay away from New Zealand! 🙂