Coromandel road trippin’

On one of the days during our stay in Hahei, my mom and I decided to do a little road trip around part of the Coromandel. We went to the Kauri forest and a few towns. One day is obviously not nearly enough for sightseeing in this absolutely gorgeous part of New Zealand. The CoromandelContinue reading “Coromandel road trippin’”

Rate or nah – Part 1 of 2

As you may know, last December/January I travelled through New Zealand with my mom. We had an amazing time and I still have heaps of travels stories and photos to share. For this blog post, I thought it’d be a cool idea to review all the hostels that we stayed at during this trip (dueContinue reading “Rate or nah – Part 1 of 2”


Beautiful vista in the Coromandel! I love how you see layer after layer in this shot. And on the right there is a tiny patch of deforested land (for commerce perhaps?). I love how the green vegetation in front of the photo frames the shot and provides a contrast with the more blueish colours ofContinue reading “Vista”

Cathedral Cove

One of the things on my wish list for this latest trip to New Zealand was Cathedral Cove. I’d seen so many photos online and was really excited to see it for myself. Luckily, mom was up for it, so off we went! It was about a 45-minute walk from Hahei Beach to Cathedral Cove.Continue reading “Cathedral Cove”