You do the Hokey Pokey

Our first destination after Auckland was Hahei. I’d never been to the Coromandel before, but heard great things about it and I wanted to save travelling the area for this trip with my mom. It wasn’t too long a drive from Auckland, maybe a few hours orso. We needed to get used to the carContinue reading “You do the Hokey Pokey”

Are you gonna go my way?

The sky looked a bit moody, but the weather was mild and sunny. I decided to explore the small town of Hahei a little more. I walked along this road and then hiked up to a lookout point. The view was worth it, but so was the way to it. Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Hahei Beach

It’s a great feeling enjoying beautiful sunny summer weather while folks back home are dealing with winter. 😛 It’s an even better feeling when you get to enjoy a stunner of a view like this along with it! I’d never been to the Coromandel before and I have to say I love it! We spentContinue reading “Hahei Beach”