Vitamins F and N

Today, my friend and I decided to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather by hiking through forest and heather fields not yet in its blooming season. It was sunny and wonderful to be out without our coats for the first time this year. On our hike, we came across a cute place where we enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of blackberry pie in a lovely sunny garden. What a wonderful day it was.

Surely a great remedy for a blue mood: friends and nature, vitamins F and N!

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21 thoughts on “Vitamins F and N

  1. Sounds like just the thing for a blue mood. Those trees are a joy to look at and there is greenery already, which the horses look happy about. Did you carry the teacups and pie, or stop at a cafe? Blackberry pie sounds delicious. My mouth is watering. Thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

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    1. Thank you! It was beautiful out! There was a small, homey type ‘cafe’ where we enjoyed tea and pie, we didn’t carry it ourselves. A spontaneous act driven by the prospect of yummy pie! 🙂

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