Glow of summer sunlight

Early to late July I had a wonderful holiday, where I travelled through Sweden and Åland. It was amazing! Soon I’ll be going on another holiday, this time to Iceland. And in between I’m working and trying to get back into regular posting on my blog. I know I’ve been slacking and will be slackingContinue reading “Glow of summer sunlight”

Well, that was interesting!

Just before last weekend, people working in public transport announced they’d go on strike on Monday in the morning rush hour for 66 minutes. They want their pension age to stay at 66 years and not increase. Think about this what you will -I’ll probably have to keep working ’till I drop, soooo-, but aContinue reading “Well, that was interesting!”

Hey you, with the wind swept hair!

Here’s my shot for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge ‘Outdoor ways to move up and down‘. Sky diving was one of my ‘Bucket List Items’ and I was so excited when I finally got to do it! This was 2003 when I had my working holiday (mostly holiday, lol) in Australia and I did a tandemContinue reading “Hey you, with the wind swept hair!”