Captain Peacock

When we were at the Castelo de São Jorge, we soon encountered two male peacocks. Well, first we heard them and then we saw them. I absolutely can’t stand the sound that peacocks make. It’s like a cat being strangled, so awful! The two guys were dancing around each other. At the time, we didn’tContinue reading “Captain Peacock”

Resident kaka

During my week on Stewart Island I stayed at the wonderful BBH hostel Bunkers Backpackers. It was a really cosy place with friendly people and an awesome atmosphere. It’s quickly become one of my favourite hostels in New Zealand and I highly recommend it! Every once in a while one or two kaka birds would pay theContinue reading “Resident kaka”


I know seagulls aren’t particularly exotic birds and they seem to be just about everywhere. Still, I felt like posting this photo because I just love the ridiculously blue sky as a contrast to the bird’s white feathers. I also love the expression on its face. Jonathan, is that you?


This little fellow was scurrying through the vegetation quite close to the hostel I was staying at in Mount Cook Village. I zoomed in and slowly approached this little guy to take some photos without scaring him off. He is a New Zealand Paradise duck or ‘pūtakitaki’ in the Maori language. He’s so different from theContinue reading “Putakitaki”

Bird life

I’ve always loved blackbirds, robins and little sparrows that scurry around my mom’s garden. I love blackbirds singing, I think it’s the best way to wake up in the morning. New Zealand has given me many things, including more appreciation for bird life. Ulva Island was a perfect place for me then! I’m by no means aContinue reading “Bird life”

Cheeky ‘monkey’

Woop, I am back home! I’d almost say ‘unfortunately’ because New Zealand fits me like a glove and I’ve had such an amazing time. I miss it and am truly grateful for my time and experiences there. But it was good to see familiar faces and surroundings as well. It was a good run andContinue reading “Cheeky ‘monkey’”

Kenneth, the koala

Ha, just kidding! This koala doesn’t have a name, but it could very well have been Kenneth. 😉 When you tour the Great Ocean Road, chances are you’re going to stop at Kenneth River. It’s a road with heaps of trees on both sides and in those trees you can see many koalas in theirContinue reading “Kenneth, the koala”