Orange is the new green


When in Sydney, please visit the Botanical Gardens. They are a delight to walk through. Every time I visited Sydney, I made sure to enjoy a walk through these beautiful gardens. And after you’ve seen everything, you can keep on walking towards Bennelong Point, where the Sydney Opera House is. I have no idea what these orange flowery plants are. My knowledge of plants is sadly very slim. I just loved how bright and beautiful they looked, especially with the bright sun!

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4 thoughts on “Orange is the new green

  1. Seems to me like quite the applicable fascination with this specific colour, considering your country of origin of course *and* the times we’re living in with regards to important sporting events to most people (… even though you yourself are not really all that interested in what ‘our’ soccer playing orange clad dudes are doing half way across the world 😉 ). ❤

    So much truth in your words about the (mostly tranquil) enjoyment one is able to find in soaking up nature's awe-inspiring creations anywhere you are and are given the opportunity in general, but now thanks to your tip especially while in Sydney. 😀


    1. Ha Flow! Never even thought of the World Cup! You know how I’m so into soccer 😛 I was actually hinting at ‘Orange Is The New Black’, but either way works for me! 😉 You’re right, I’m not into soccer, but all the orange is quite cheerful!

      Isn’t it? I love nature and should definitely get out and into it more. I suppose I’ll get plenty of opportunity for that when I go back Down Under 😉


  2. Beautiful colours – orange with green and a blue sky too – great contrasts. Those plants are really quite sculptural in their own right. A wonderful sunny day image 🙂


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